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Throughout the last 6 yrs, I have pursued the role of Advocate for a Maori mental health patient. This journey has led me into extensive correspondence which includes all the agencies listed below:

  • The Law Society of NZ.
  • The Auditor Generals Office.
  • The Health and Disability Commissioner
  • New Zealand Nurses Association
  • The College of Nurses Aotearoa
  • Te Ao Maramatanga NZ College of M. Health Nurses
  • The Nursing Council of New Zealand
  • The NZ Police
  • The District Inspectors Office
  • McKesson NZ.
  • The Medical Council of New Zealand
  • The NZ Mental Health Commission
  • The Serious Fraud Office
  • The Ombudsmens Office
  • The Ministry of Health
  • The Ministry of Justice.
  • The Police Commissioner

[back to top] I have attended:

  • A Nursing Council Preliminary Hearing
  • A Nursing Council Disciplinary Hearing.
  • The NZ Confidential Forum on Mental Health
  • A High Court Appeal
  • A Nursing Council Reinstatement Hearing ( Adjourned )
  • A Nursing Council Reinstatment Hearing ( Reconvened )

[back to top] I have initiated:

  • Law Society Investigation:
  • and I hope to initiate a few more.

It is my goal to make all data from the above lists available to genuine students and researchers of Law and Nursing.

NOTE This data is also available to all organizations and individuals who are threatening to sue me for defamation. It is evidence that all I publish is absolutely true. So to save you the expense of employing expensive lawyers, just post a request through to my website and I will forward the appropriate file to you free of charge. I welcome any feedback as to the best way to develop these pages. [back to top]